Keeping people safe every day

Health and safety is a top priority. Not only do we have a fundamental commitment to it – we continuously strive to create new standards of excellence.

Our approach to health and safety is based on the idea of personal commitment and individual empowerment. We believe everyone has a right to return home safely every day and a duty to take care of themselves and those around them.

By making health and safety a priority we continue to play our part in improving workplaces for our employees, clients, partners and the public.

We concentrate on basic issues which, together with a strong focus on health and safety leadership, result in regular reductions in our Accident Incidence Rate (AIR) and lead to Zero Harm.

Our teams all work towards a series of objectives and targets that encompass safety, health and environment issues to ensure that Services & Trade Group sustainability aspirations are fully supported. Our target AIR is zero.

Our Positive Safety Leadership encourages our team members to actively discuss safety issues, and our monitoring suggests that this is increasing the number of health and safety discussions taking place.

We’re committed to achieving Zero Harm across our businesses.

For us, Zero Harm means:

  • • Zero fatalities
  • • Zero permanently disabling injuries
  • • Each business unit aims for zero accidents and injuries.

Only by setting the highest standards for ourselves will we be able to retain the trust of our customers and the people using our infrastructure.

Zero Harm means delivering on the following shared commitments:

Eliminating fatal risks:  All our businesses will identify fatal risks and establish Zero Harm design, management and behavioral protocols to eliminate them.

Eliminating hazards:  All our businesses will identify and plan out hazards in all activities they undertake.

Maintaining Zero Harm day to day:  All our businesses will establish and maintain management, monitoring, review, audit and assurance systems geared for Zero Harm.

Keeping the public safe from harm:  All our businesses will manage and maintain Zero Harm levels of separation, security, monitoring and stewardship to safeguard members of the public from exposure to our hazards.

Keeping all our people healthy:  All our businesses will conduct health checks and health risk assessments to ensure there is no long-term harm to health from working in our business.

Working with our customers:  All our businesses will enlist the support and co-operation of customers to achieve Zero Harm.

Making safety personal:  All our people will make safety a personal commitment.

Approach to Safety

Our policy is zero tolerance of unsafe practices. Our approach to safety is to ensure that the level of awareness amongst everyone is raised and maintained. Each and every organisation and individual must be predisposed to the achievement of high levels of safety; safe working will be kept constantly in mind by all personnel. Our policy is zero tolerance of unsafe practices.

We have developed a safety culture from director to operative level fueled by efficient communication, recognition of commitment, training and promotion of representation.

Greener and Cleaner Environment

As ambassadors for our clients on each project we deliver, we recognise our responsibility to preserve your reputation. Working collaboratively with all stakeholders, our teams form part of the wider community and work with local residents, businesses, community groups, the local authority and all those who work and shop in the vicinity of our projects.

We are committed to:
  • • A greener and cleaner environment for all
  • • Prevention of pollution in all areas of our operation
  • • A programme of continual improvement in everything we do
  • • Keeping ourselves aware of, and compliant with, all current and future legislation
  • • Reduced use of natural resources
  • • Minimising waste and maximising recycling and reuse
S&T is committed to a sustainable future for all and is certified to FSC and PEFC. Through implementing and achieving effective sustainable targets, we provide clients with:
  • • A company that helps create a sustainable economic environment for local communities through training and employment
  • • Training and developing the next generation
  • • Assistance in minimising environmental impact
  • • Improved cost efficiencies – providing clients with reduced capital and operation costs through reducing energy consumption
  • • Help for future generations to enjoy this planet.