ICT Health showcases EZR.care private mHealth network in Oman

ICT Health showcases EZR.care private mHealth network in Oman
October 9, 2017 snt
EZR Care Oman

ICT Health showcases EZR.care private mHealth network in Oman.

ICT Health, the region’s most awarded Health IT company, today announced the launch of its new mobile first EZR.care service at the Oman Health Expo.

“ICT Health’s digital destination has always been collaborative care. Our cloud service EZR.care draws inspiration from social media technologies and is designed to empower collaboration & e- commerce across a private network of patients, practitioners, care facilities and service providers”, said Mr. Gautam Dey, MD & CEO ICT Health.

With EZR.care, citizens & residents would be able to easily access their preferred care providers through the directory service, book appointments as well as pay for them using their smartphones. Patients would also be able to have access to care episode documentation on their smart phones as well as other value added services including 2nd opinions.

Clinics and other care facilities are able to establish a discoverable online presence, promote their care services, accept appointment requests, provide confirmations and collect mobile payments. Care facilities can also utilize EZR.care SaaS functionality covering registration, appointments, billing & regulatory reporting.

Mr. Fareed Al Hinai, Vice Chairman ICT Health said “EZR.care is our initiative to make the process of care access & delivery easier by leveraging cloud & mobile technologies. This would help patients get care easier & make it more convenient for clinics & other care service providers to deliver care as well as receive payments for services rendered”

Continuing in the same vein, Brigadier General (Retd.) Suleiman Al Adawi, Chairman ICT Health continued “With health insurance soon to become mandatory, it would be necessary for care providers to embrace digital technology in order to submit electronic claim documentation and get reimbursements easier. With EZR.care we hope to energize care facilities with affordable digital technology, helping them provide e-services, electronic payments & reimbursements while also ensuring easier compliance reporting.”

About EZR.care:

EZR.care, an ICT Health’s initiative is a common thread woven across the healthcare continuum to improve scheduling, information exchange, appointment show rates and increase overall efficiency by establishing an optimal referral management platform which is essential to patient safety and coordinated care. EZR.care helps you to build a private health network that makes it easier to access care, deliver care, earn from care & regulate care.

About ICT Health:

ICT Health is the preferred choice of dynamic care delivery organizations, looking to empower their care practices & operations with smarter technology accelerators that directly result in improved outcomes. The. 100+ care delivery centers across India, Middle East & Africa utilize the company technology and services to improve specific key performance indicators relevant to their care operations. ICT HEALTH is the proud recipient of the Frost & Sullivan Healthcare IT Service Provider of the Year Award, 2017.

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