S&T’s 6,000+ people worldwide are a diverse workforce who bring a wide set of skills, expertise and experience to provide solutions and services to our customers. A multi-disciplinary team of experts share global and local knowledge to offer clients best solutions and practical expertise in a broad range of services, with an aim to exceed client expectations.

As a global enterprise, we welcome diverse set of values and are committed to enabling employees utilise their individual strengths and work collaboratively to reach their potential. Sharing experiences and knowledge forms the basis of our customer-centric approach. Our pro-active approach in partnering with clients and stakeholders has enabled us to create long-term relationships and continued growth.

Our high-quality focus, technological competence, delivery-centric approach and extensive experience that enables us to have a competitive edge and offer a comprehensive range of services and products for various markets.

With an internationally-oriented approach, S&T provides a challenging, dynamic and rewarding work environment that brings together unique talents, perspectives, and experiences. It is the game changing attitude, diverse skill set and entrepreneurial spirit that has won us repeat customers and kept us one step ahead over the last four decades. We take pride in creating an environment in which our employees can develop on many levels and advance to other roles or countries.

At S&T, we encourage a collaborative culture where colleagues, customers, suppliers and partners work as a team, trust and respect each other. We believe our success lies in building the A-team helps us deliver competitive advantage. Our adoption of new technologies has helped us gauge the needs of each customer in a holistic manner. Our constant endeavor as a team is to get a deeper understanding of our customers’ needs so that we can provide them with the best competitive solution.

We take pride in the diversity within S&T. It is the diversity of our people and their ideas that make us a unique company. Our inclusive culture welcomes all points of view and makes us who we are. We promote diversity as it enables us to be more creative and innovative to enhance the way we do business.